1. Wrike

Wrike helps you track time spent on tasks and generate time reports. Manually add a timelog entry or use Wrike’s task timer to have Wrike keep track of time for you (just hit play or pause whenever you want to start or stop the timer). You can only track time for one task at a time. If the task timer is already tracking time for one task and you try to begin tracking time for another task: Wrike automatically pauses tracking time on the current task and begins tracking time on the new task. Wrike integrates with QuickBook and Harvest.

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2. monday.com

monday.com is a visual project management tool with time tracking ability that helps transform the way teams work together. It is a simple but intuitive tool that enables people to manage work, meet deadlines, and build a culture of transparency. Users can easily collect time on each task, and access all logged time to export and create reports. Using calculated fields based on the time entered, calculate billing amounts or time remaining. Users are able to track what the team is working on, consequently empowering them to achieve their goals and have fun while getting things done.

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3. BigTime

BigTime ensures projects are delivered on time and on budget. With flexible timesheets that can be configured to collect only the data you want, project managers and firm operators can quickly gain visibility into their project status, staff utilization, and project billables. Staffers can spend less time on data entry with easy-to-use, smart timesheets that autofill entries when possible.

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4. Apploye

Apploye is an intelligent time tracking & employee monitoring software. It creates a gamification process that boosts employee engagement and focus. The company owner can observe the employee’s activity and time log for specific projects and tasks.

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5. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a time tracking and productivity monitoring software. It is a valuable tool for businesses with co-located, distributed or remote employees. Individual freelancers and contractors can use it also to accurately bill their clients for projects and rendered services. It is simple to use and has smart features to keep users focused on their most important tasks up to its completion. In addition, it generates detailed reports for work completed that provide helpful business information.

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